Great customer experiences that scale up


Whether you have ten or a thousand stores, you need to be able to trust that your service is up and running at all times and that your shoppers always receive the same, top quality experience. As your online store is open 24/7, the engine behind our services never sleeps. We actively monitor usage and dynamically scale to deliver consistent response times regardless of the amount of active users.
Digital Foodie platform follows a microservices architecture, the most modern architecture model on the market. This means we’re able to repair, change, fix, update, replace and alter each service component individually, at all times, even when the software is up and running.

Enabling brands and retailers to drive transactions anytime and anywhere

Our platform connects with your store inventory as well as with your POS and loyalty program and lets you stay on top of all your valuable data. It keeps track of your stock, prices and availability in each store.

You are able to bring your category managers’ decisions instantly online to see the impact in sales. To help you control your key processes, the platform provides real-time data and analytics of your sales and fulfillment.

Our products are built to support large-scale operations with diverse product offering across a multitude of locations – across a multitude of continents, actually. So, to let you concentrate on expanding your business, we have concentrated on how to orchestrate and fulfill even the most complex online offerings. Each of your stores have their unique assortments and customer bases.