All the tools you need to run modern and cost-efficient retail operations online

Welcome to Digital Goodie. Digital Goodie is a leading retail software technology provider offering a modern and fully customizable connected commerce platform. The platform runs on top of a new generation microservices architecture consisting of modular commerce and fulfillment components.

Deploy our fully customizable solutions off the shelf, or build and combine your own components on top of our platform. We are happy to help you with all aspects of your omnichannel retail operations.

Great customer experiences
that scale up

Variable assortments and increasing volumes – only the sky should be the limit when it comes to your services. Our fully scalable platform is made to grow together with your operations.

Maximized order fulfillment

Unbeatable fulfillment with the leading solution on the market. Digital Goodie Fulfillment is made for smooth and efficient online operations, enabling up to 50% shorter picking times.

Fully extendable platform
– buy off the shelf or develop

Our modular approach lets you freely pick and choose the components you need, or even build your own: our APIs and SDKs include everything you need for fast and agile service development. 



Digital Goodie Commerce moves your stores instantly on web and mobile, letting you connect with your customers whenever and wherever they like. It provides everything from personalized, real-time assortment view and circulars to smart shopping list and engaging in-store solutions.


Digital Goodie Fulfillment provides all the tools you need for highly optimized order fulfillment. It helps your pickers and lets you offer various delivery options: home delivery, buy online/pick up in-store, locker delivery and curbside pick-up, backed up by the most efficient technology.

We help our customers in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Russia, UK and US to make retailing a more personal and convenient experience to increase customer loyalty.


Indoor Maps 1.0

Your shoppers are now able to locate any product in your store using Indoor Maps.


Digital Goodie runs on top of Amazon Web Services cloud securing reliable service 24/7